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We are of the opinion that the M&A track record of many corporates, which consists of successes but also of many failures, demonstrates the need for a more prominent role of Supervisory Boards.

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M&A is an important strategic option that companies can leverage to make necessary leaps in the competitive marketplace. It can help companies to obtain a higher market share and a broader customer base, and gain access to new technology, products and distribution channels.

Yet, at the same time, M&A is very risky and many deals fail, sometimes bringing companies to the brink of failure. Reasons for failure vary and range from opportunistic M&A and overpayment to poor integration.

For many companies mergers and acquisitions are irregular events for which they lack capabilities and processes. This is compounded by biases in M&A that cloud M&A decision-making, such as deal fever, tunnel vision and strong incentives to complete a deal.

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M&A Strategy

Mergers and acquisitions have increasingly become an important part of the corporate strategy of many companies.

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Online Client Services sites are secure, password-protected sites that we set up and manage to support both specific matters.

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Public Offer

An actual or proposed public offer for the shares of a listed company marks the beginning of a stressful period for the target company.

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M&A Capabilities

Frequent acquirers on average create more value from acquisitions than infrequent acquirers because they are better able to avoid pitfalls.

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